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Aolite · Cooperation

Aolite · Cooperation

Professional mixing equipment manufacturers

Communication needs
Confirmation plan
Signing a contract
Standardized production
Inspection delivery
Service follow up
Real source manufacturer

Years of experience in the production and sales of the mixing equipment industry, constantly research and development according to market demand, only to retain and provide suitable machinery and equipment for customers, to be a close consultant.

Supporting production equipment

With a large modern factory, sophisticated production equipment, scientific computing product design, according to the characteristics of the use of the scene, the planning rate is high, and the target to reduce the cost of production and transportation;

Experienced technical team

With a high-quality R & D team, more than 10 years of technical staff in the field of mixing and mixing equipment, according to customer application needs, give a reasonable solution to meet customer requirements.

Provide one-stop service

Have a professional customer service team, detailed pre-sales consultation and communication, sales progress feedback, long-term after-sales follow-up, quick response to customer questions, professional logistics team, on time delivery.

Aolite · Introduction

Aolite · Introduction

Professional mixing equipment manufacturers


Shenzhen Aolite Chemical Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 and has the right to import and export. It specializes in the research and production of mixing and mixing equipment. The main products are vacuum mixer, multi-axis mixer, reaction kettle, double planetary mixer, high-speed disperser and so on. Equipment is widely used in medicine, chemical, polymer materials, lithium batteries, solder paste, hydrogels, dentures and other fields.

In recent years, through continuous technical research, as an advocate of hybrid mixing equipment research and development, Aolitech has continuously explored and introduced a large number of relevant high-tech talents, and has developed a company's fist products with core technology. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, high efficiency, simple operation, safety, reliability and durability. Its humanized design reflects the people-oriented thinking and is highly praised by users.

With its profound design skills as the forerunner, Orient is based on standardized management and exquisite construction technology, relying on a perfect service system, operating in an industrialized mode to reduce costs, and providing customers with professionalism and humanity. Personalized decoration products and services, and make unremitting efforts to enhance and exceed the customer's consumption value.

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